Critical Mass and Critical Levity

The physical belief in critical mass holds that when certain kinds of particles get together in a specific volume (called critical mass) a chain of explosive energy reactions begins occurring that will not occur if the volume of molecules being held is less than the critical amount. But once it starts, there is an irresistible point of multiplying energy.

In consciousness, there is a similar phenomena, which could be called critical levity.

When the sense of joy or excitement one is generating reaches a critical point (enough "particles" of free consciousness assembled in one "place") there occurs an irresistible generation of creative energy in the presence of which seriousness melts and barriers become invisible and insubstantial.

This is something like the phenomena of cosmic rays which apparently have no problem penetrating three feet of reinforced concrete.

Critical levity is a blissful certainty in the wellordered ou as it pursues its endless transformations toward what will be.

The attainment of critical levity (also called critical joy) is a priority in the resolution of consciousness, whatever it may be engaged in.

The state of critical levity can simply be placed into existence as a primary creation.

The belief that some experiences should dampen or qualify critical levity in consciousness is a real saboteur of consciousness. To believe that some creations should be resisted (the same thing) is to decide that enslavement under the right terms is a desirable state. Not that enslavement itself should be resisted or desired, but to point out that there is danger in addiction.

The addiction of consciousness to agreements that "certain creations must be met with seriousness" is itself a very serious problem, don't you agree? (If so, please reread the last page).

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