The Things of Existence

There is a pleasant clarity and sanity to any subject wherein the relevant naming process is complete, where the things of the subject are sufficiently known to make navigation possible.

Relevant naming has to do with the ingredients that play a detectable and significant part in the workings of the subject. In the remarkable field of steam technology there was an extensive inventory of things: parts, pressures, temperatures, forces, rings, lagging, governors and valves. Neutrinos were not part of the relevant naming of things because as a variable they stayed below the horizon, not influencing noticeably whether a steam engine did or did not perform.

It is fair to say that relevant naming of the things that make up existence is actually complete even though the endless inventory of combinations of them never will be complete.

They are:



Images (Patterns of Energy)



That's it.

In fact, facsimiles are energy patterns, and so come under the heading of energy and thus reduce the list by one. But they are a salient part of things, since they are so often used as a substitute for perception, and so entangled in unclear thought.

Thought itself -- including postulates and gnostic fields -- is a product of Being, or beings.

How much of the other items in the list are products of thought itself remains to be seen. What think ye, Wise One?

Yes, you.

# # #

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