More Know Than Ever

The point has been stressed that Knowing, followed by an act of will to not-know, is the dual creative impulse that tangles a being in all the echelons of reality to which he seems heir. In truth the two things You can not HELP doing are survive, because you are immortal, and Know, because you are the essence of Knowing. These two qualities Are practically the only definition of what You are before you set about down the long trail of winding Not-Knowing and subsequent wrestling with how things seem when you don' know how they are.

This is slight comfort when you are wrapped around a body at 60 cycles per second. You by that time are so busy finding something to know, over and over, that you may be in to the utter confusion of having forgotten WHAT you Not-Knew and then had to run around remembering.

The profile of the whole sequence is :

(Know) Not-Know
(Know ) Know About (Knowing Data)
(Know) Forget (Something)
(Know) Remember (Something)

Each of this is a compound influence of postulated knowledge structures, or PKS. These are like fields of gravity generated by mass; they are fields of experience generated by postulated knowing.

Once a being has abandoned his native Knowing, because it tends to ruin games to know everything, he is on the road to inventing data which is like the McDonald's version of knowing. A well-ordered mind (a collection of data animated and ordered by a being in certain patterns) keeps clear tabs by time on each moment's data and makes a good lawyer. A mind less well-ordered will have a plentiful supply of unimportant data or data recorded with no sense of meaning to it, or the psychobabble of completely arbitrary data about itself (it's my Id) (I am the child of a dysfunctional family and am stuck with that). But no matter what the patterns and depths of the data, EACH ONE is a postulated knowing wrapped up in a picture.

Example: Student has clear datum that probability curves, random mutation and Darwinian selection of the 'fittest' add up to our entire history as sentient life-forms. The knowingness around this datum can be slavish (this is what I have to know for my revered Professor or an S.A.T.) , dull-witted (I have this vague impression of not understanding about all that Darwin D.N.A. stuff) or critical (I understand Prof. Jenks says this is how he thinks it is but I'm skeptical ...) or anywhere in between.

All perception IS variations in knowingness. It is doubtful that there is a full-featured mechanical chain that runs from light hitting an optic nerve to an understanding and perception of what is happening 'out there' without some kind of quantum leap OUT of mechanics and INTO the realm of pure ability to know.

The worship of mechanical sequences which has taken us so far in material science will probably never touch the mystery of simple understanding without coming to terms with that quantum leap.

The effort to do so is similar to trying to argue with or analyze the psycho-dynamics of a telephone, mistaking it for the conscious entity at the other end.

If, however, one has a very solid PKS which creates the experience of 'certainty in the material basis of all existences' then one will find the foregoing to be unacceptable, unfounded, unsupported by authority, undocumented, or some other tag of disapproval and unreality because it falls outside the PKS structure of that individual.

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