A Test of Rational Thought

When you are testing rational thought, as in the contemplation of ethics, or wondering what to think of another's conduct, please bear in mind that purposes, even pro-survival ones, vary from person to person. That another may have a different formulation of purpose than yours may not mean that his or hers is less rational. Different is not always wrong.

The confront of evil, and of outpoints, is an ability, not something to be dramatized by finding outpoints all over just because one is unfamiliar with what is happening. This in no way lessens the tech on confront of evil. But justice is a balance which requires the confront of good in others as well as the confront of evil. One can fall short on either side. Both are abilities and need to be improved before a viable culture can be built. The answer is to make the able more able, and that is really what wisdom is for. You can do lots of it.

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