Long, Long Trails A-Winding

There is much research buried in obscure tapes and folders on the subject of goals. It seems that in the endless propagation of spans of life and games for living in, Consciousness anchors itself to a creation of long-term intention, a very large-scale Idea. This Idea, light as a sunbeam and wider than the Bowl of the Gods, filters all the decisions and perceptions available to the Conscious Will, modulates where he creates what, both in knowing AND unknowing creations. This Goal is the anchor on which the colors and vectors of lifetimes is based.

It can be a very interesting question to search for goals pertaining to one's current identity, whether that of the current lifetime or that of the Flying Eyeball that goes to the ceiling in the hospital room and then goes off to find a new body. Both of these (the current ego and the ‘Being') would obviously run more smoothly if the Goal Idea were viewed rather than being acted out unknowingly.

And there is some evidence that one's whole quality of being Consciousness located, but prior to creating an identity) is molded around this Idea, so that for a whole series of lifetimes one is 'being a Being of quality X Y and Z, while adventuring through the series of capers which make lives so interesting to that sort of a being. This is a venture into the quality of consciousness that transcends identities of lifetimes but which still seems to have constant themes and appetites and tendencies to get into certain kinds of trouble or certain flavors of joy, to the exclusion of others.)

So some interesting tone-arm action, so to speak, could come from questions about Goals. And has.

But it is also worthwhile to step back for a moment and examine the wonderful vista of multiple-goal perception. Over epochs and reigns of Time, these wonderful Ideas called goals have become entwined like the nets of too many fisherman being cast in too small a bay. They befoul and entangle each other, with the result that the ordinary actions of casting and hauling grow tedious, with snags and efforts and complications not originally bargained for.

And there is the REAL question. The original bargain! The creation of a goal implies the existence of a scene in which one has created oneself as NOT having the goal. Of course, that is a fundamental structural pattern of existence in these parts. Curious, though, that electing these ideas and designing them and putting them into play at ALL is a business we have forgotten.

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