The world of people and things made by people is a comfortable place because all motions within it seem to come from known sources.

Every cereal box and television character has its origin somewhere behind the face of a solid body, one particular source (apparently) of each decision, impulse or inspiration, each stroke of ink or paint or mechanical device. Someone designed it, someone tooled it, someone administered it, someone managed each instant in its arriving where it is now before you.

Conditions stemming from known sources are somehow more manageable than those which stem from unknown sources.

Of these the most salient is the material universe itself. Behind that, there is also a persistent 'unknown source' feeling to the recurring thoughts and patterns which make up the vexing limitations of spirit enmeshed in matter. This is the wicked self-defeating spiral in which resistance to conditions breeds unwillingness to associate while still associating, which produces the enslavement of thought in it's own mesh of abhorrence and avoidance.

The Periodic Table is a hateful thing, in that it is the pennant of things from unknown sources. There is a fearful symmetry, indeed.

The issue may of course be just the decision that certain sources are unknown; maybe with a little judicious releasing of grip we could be come vividly clear on exactly which being authored every element or wavelength. or each agreement that compounded into beryllium or lithium or argon.

To do so would be a remarkable relief; until it happens life within the material frame is like a bad movie of unknown authorship being endlessly copied by citizens everywhere. VCR-heads only, no others need apply. Space itself takes on the unmanageable qualities of a movie's perspective, pasted to the screen of acquiescent awareness, blindly agreeing that there is something there. To resolve it, start with freedom to associate in good will with matter itself, without resistance OR identification. This is a starting place, at least, from which to penetrate the veil of matter's origins and our own responsibility for it.

There lies the core, critical issue. One question for a life's solution. Simple, isn't it?

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