Notes on Human Bodies

The environment of a being defined as human is the human body. The environment of a being defined as a "spiritual being" is the spiritual world. The beliefs with which we define ourselves will also define the environment and what we are in it. This means the actual beliefs, not the lip-service -- in other words, regardless of the talk we talk, what beliefs do we walk when we walk?

In any case the environment (the body, for example) is simply where memories call home.

Every percept within the domain of percepts we call environmental (whether that is a body environment or a "plane of consciousness where angels live") is a percept caused by the establishment of dynamic memory response i space. Dynamic memory response in the energetic re-generation of a perception pattern. It is something like an airplane putting out an identifying blip-echo for the benefit of a ground radar. In one sense what happens is self-as-creator throws into self-as-object the capacity to generate certain patterns of perceptions in the view of self-as-experiencer.

Free radicals seem to be biochemically the root cause of every body deterioration. A surplus of free radicals such as mono-oxygen atoms can be rectified by the body taking certain chemicals that act as "scavengers". Vitamin C and E for example, soak out of the tissues the free radicals that have been left in it.

A parallel description might apply to resistances of various sorts-- perhaps they all boil down to the free radicals of "postulated separateness from", which in various compounds produces wild variations on the theme of resistance. Refusal to exist with (while already doing so), interact with or experience fully. Thus intense admiration acts as the scavenger which soaks free radicals out of the "environment" in which self believes it is experiencing.

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