Goals For the Universe

An interesting process reveals itself with the question, "What is this universe FOR?".

An individual struggling with the dynamics of bodily human existence is constantly engaged in estimating and re-estimating the efforts surrounding survival -- communication, effort, energy, money, health, love, sex, career, advancement, eventual retirement, the care of young, and the occasional indulgence in pleasure. Outside these things there is a sense of business not quite being attended to. But it gets put away, as it has no bearing on the problem at hand. In meditation, some people can access a higher level of concern and insight, but often some odd interpretations come out of this -- higher Selves and godlike beings other-than-Self who are planning things for the world. This is debatable.

IF one were to access fully his sense of creating the universe, of his own infinite capacity for the fullness of time and place and incident, he would be free of any aberrative power of incident or emotion, and would be (is) quite capable of remarkable insight.

But in the course of this one is still faced with the question "Why?". And at a level far beyond daily human cares, that question leads one to the heart of the goals of consciousness.

These long, long term inventions, like the headwaters of the North Fork, define and power all that occurs below them. They are the marksman's bead on the long straight path of eons of time, along which the lead mass of "Consciousness wearing Identity" travels like a musket ball. All that occurs within that lead missile, the violent passage of winds and the mad rotation in flight, the humming music of lead versus atmosphere -- all this is enough to occupy endless attention. But it is the marksman's aim that defines how this entire track of time will be steered.

So what IS this universe for? Catching catfish? Becoming a dancer? Showing beauty to oneself?

All creation is done in order to experience a feeling or to avoid a feeling. What feeling would the creation of universes enable you to feel? What feeling would the creation of universes enable you to avoid feeling?
These questions will ultimately lead to a power beyond sanity itself, beyond all mind and beyond all heart; a power that is the Word and its speaker.

For the heart of the Word's speaker is not the heart of a lifetime, nor the heart of a past or future lifetime, nor the heart that defines love. It is the heart of Existence itself, the full and absolute Beat of the only True Drum, and thou the Drummer.

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