Habit and Adventure

We are on the verge of ending the Great Habit of All Time.

It is axiomatic that those beliefs which one has compounded through endless (created) repetitions of association become invisible to the consciousness experiencing them. They become invisible to inspection through the automatic linkage of "Self" with "Form" that is known as habit. The body, certainly, is one such habit that is a home base useful for exploration into "less" real zones. It is there to come back to, within the enduring framework of Space-Time. It doesn't let you down, because its creation is, like a sealed bearing, made up so as to not require maintenance. It has a sign on the back end -- "no user-serviceable parts within", and like proper consumers we put down our screwdrivers the moment we see that label.

The material construct known as space-time, like a body, has no user-serviceable parts. It can only be opened by a wizened professional, or so it would have us think. But there is an alternative beingness of power, able to unscrew the sealed casing and adjust the unthinkable and incredible pieces within. This is the Source beingness of the ultimate adventurer.

It is a beingness which is tuned to see even the most habitual pattern as a playground of adventure and new insight, which conceives nothing to be ordinary and never even sees the same river twice, let alone tries to step into it; a beingness like this doesn't even think the word "river" when it tackles the same river twice. To do so is to subscribe not to the feel but to the concept, the abstraction that says all flat-topped quadrupeds are called "table", regardless of their substance.

Concepts and labels such as these are part of the protective shield that proves to the co-operative user that he mustn't open the case and tinker within. Language, despite its wonderful uses, is built on a poison seed of subtle removal from experience, the seed of abstraction that subtracts feeling from experience in order to dehydrate experience into a portable form. This is a substitute for having, generating, and transmitting from the heart.

When the user ignores the warnings and opens the case of the construct of reality, while maintaining the addictive consumer-of-habit beingness, he will experience high voltage compared to his expectations and have the excellent adventure of believing himself fried. This is not lethal but it is unnecessary.

Monitoring existence from the seat of all awareness, as a great spiritual master discovering the many faces of reality, is a key to the puzzle. With it you may open all the appliances that flesh and its fellow-illusions are heir to.

# # #

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