Grades of Laughter

The medicine of the soul, or the sound of its healing, is laughter. A wonderful experiment can be done by simply retreating to a safe environment and starting to laugh, and continuing to laugh, on and on for as long as one can stand it. The laughter which begins forced becomes genuine and a torrent of secondary creations of various kinds show up and dissipate.

Laughter itself can also be a secondary creation; nervous or cynical or compulsively gleeful or destructive laughter form a range of social "offenses" between beings, or signals which modulate the meaning of spoken language.

Laughter can be assessed, measured against the heart's concerns and interests.

Consider the sharp bark of the incredulous who knows that nothing is possible; the scornful and hopeless snort which. while seeming to be a laugh, is actually a blow.

There is the sluggish whisper of the grief-lover, who laughs only to show regret.

The grimy laugh of the sadistic, and the slimy snicker of the covertly destructive, are laughs that stand out as false as a cigarette billboard.

The terror-stricken laugh: a desperate whinny. The angry soul laughs with a kind of despotic glee, the laugh one gives when he is about to erase the tribe of his enemies in a psychotic frenzy. The laugh of the earnest battler is more like a rebel yell, a brave whoop of triumph or challenge.

There is also a kind of resigned sigh of laughter that is offered by the bored, the whisper of Indifferent Elsewhereness.

More in tune with the business of creating is the chuckle of interest, a genuine laugh of those comfortably engaged in what they are doing. This is often found in the vicinity of the Snort of Surprise and the Chortle of Delight, all of which are sincere, solid laughs with no deception in their bellies.

The Chortle of Delight often gives rise to the Happy Belly Laugh, a gale of wonderment and recognition, that thrives wherever Truth invades the Land of Resisted Shadows. These are all found wherever consciousness is nurtured by the presence of sunlight and strong interest in the future.

The being who has found many opportunities for laughter often acquires a taste for the Clear Breeze of Enthusiasm, a rolling, light, happy laughter that never quite dies away even when the owner is asleep.

Higher still on the endless ladder is the Quiet Soul Laughter of Sheer Action. It's quietude is the intensity of all laughter without resistance, thus needing no noise to permeate its surround. The Serene Smile of Flawless Intent is similar, only tranquil to the depths of all being.

By their joy and laughter shall ye know them, heal them and love them.

# # #

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