The Anatomy of Conclusive Ignorance

There is probably a transition of Conclusive Ignorance peculiar to each state-change in awareness from Knowing all the way down the scale to Waiting for Mystery.

It is possible as an aside that there is a wait harmonic for every level above Wait: waiting to know, waiting to know about, waiting to see, waiting to feel, waiting to think, waiting for a symbol, waiting for a sexual indication or event, waiting to eat, waiting for an effort, and so on. More likely this is a variation on inhibiting or resisting the reality of that kind of knowing and is part of a general pattern that runs like this:

Curiosity About ...Desiring...Asserting...Enforcing...Resisting...Denying

Curiosity About Knowing -- Desiring Knowing -- Asserting Knowing -- Enforcing Knowing -- Resisting Knowing -- Denying Knowing

Not Know
Curiosity About Not Knowing -- Desiring Not Knowing -- Asserting Not Knowing -- Enforcing Not Knowing -- Resisting Not Knowing -- Denying Not Knowing

Know About
Curiosity About Knowing About -- Desiring Knowing About -- Asserting Knowing About -- Enforcing Knowing About -- Resisting Knowing About -- Denying Knowing About

Curiosity About Looking -- Desiring Looking -- Asserting Looking -- Enforcing Looking -- Resisting Looking -- Denying Looking

Feel (Plus Emotion)
Curiosity About Feeling -- Desiring Feeling -- Asserting Feeling -- Enforcing Feeling -- Resisting Feeling -- Denying Feeling

Resist Feeling (Negative Emotion)
Curiosity About Resistance -- Desiring Resistance -- Asserting Resistance -- Enforcing Resistance -- Resisting Resistance -- Denying Resistance

Curiosity About Looking -- Desiring Looking -- Asserting Looking -- Enforcing Looking -- Resisting Looking -- Denying Looking

Curiosity About Thinking -- Desiring Thinking -- Asserting Thinking -- Enforcing Thinking -- Resisting Thinking -- Denying Thinking

Curiosity About Symbols -- Desiring Symbols -- Asserting Symbols -- Enforcing Symbols -- Resisting Symbols -- Denying Symbols

Curiosity About Sex -- Desiring Sex -- Asserting Sex -- Enforcing Sex -- Resisting Sex -- Denying Sex

Curiosity About Eating -- Desiring Eating -- Asserting Eating -- Enforcing Eating -- Resisting Eating -- Denying Eating

Curiosity About Mystery -- Desiring Mystery -- Asserting Mystery -- Enforcing Mystery --Resisting Mystery -- Denying Mystery

Curiosity About Waiting -- Desiring Waiting -- Asserting Waiting -- Enforcing Waiting -- Resisting Waiting -- Denying Waiting

Curiosity About Unknowableness -- Desiring Unknowableness -- Asserting Unknowableness -- Enforcing Unknowableness -- Resisting Unknowableness -- Denying Unknowableness

Treating this table as a map you could find any level of consciousness within it; the substance or nouns that made up the specific context of that awareness could be any at all, as variable as a dictionary.

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