Notes on Material/Mental Interfaces

Robert Beck gives a fascinating talk on the studies -- over 3,000 papers in the last decade -- done on the relation between thought patterns, healing, and electromagnetic frequencies and wave-forms. He discusses, among other things, measurements he has taken of numerous gifted people in various segments of the psychic undergrounds, and reports that they seem to uniformly contact a frequency of around 7.4 hertz (bordering between high alpha and theta ) -- which coincidentally has also been identified as the "brain wave frequency of the planet", in other words a frequency description of the basic resonance of Earth in space. Evidently mystic/psychic/similar events in the brain/mind complex will occur at these frequencies. This seems related to the wonderful technique of "centering" oneself through imaginary "grounding". It also relates to Hubbard's little-known process of tying off negative communication beams to the local radiator pipe or other grounding.

But in the final analysis the relief of contacting this wavelength is that of re-establishing the core belief of which the wave-length is a product, the beliefs which postulated the make-up of the material universe in this sector.

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