The Uses of Channeling

Channeling has two uses. One is to resume the power of source, by creating, reading and reciting the universe, adding love as a key ingredient. This produces true wealth; it enlivens and births information of a high order.

The other is to disguise oneself as a receipt point. This too may be an act of love, when one cloaks consciousness with the disguise of another because one believes one has, oneself, been a poor sort of source, too ordinary for Grand Truth.

But, in fact, there are no poor sources. There is no harm, and there are no dangers.

The dangers are openings for growth. The harms are lessons. The fears are confessions of power. The sole law is a passion for unfolding the future.

It is possible there is as much fire and love in a well built apathy as there is in enthusiastic elegance or a fiery rage. They are all the right response.

Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law, then? Where is Ethics?

Could the truth be that ethics is the degree to which true preference is expressed?

The voice of the reservation, the should, the “supposed-to”, the refiner, the monitor, the self limiter and the holderinplace, the keeperoflimitation, is the whole of unethical behavior?

In the pressure of belief systems, this law fades behind a screen of conflicting experiences, supposedto's, impulses and uncertainties. Channeling when done as Source, without the pretense of identity filters, can bring one closer to one's own primary creations.

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