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This site is non-commercial. Well, we could even say anti-commercial. However, we could use some support in keeping this site running. So, if you're inclined to help a bit with the financing of this site, below are some hand-picked commercial sites that will gives us percentages when you buy something or you sign up. So, if they offer something that you want, don't hold yourself back.

Well, the easiest is of course if you just donate some money straight up. So here's a link for that. Otherwise, look below.

Banner_3026 Can't go wrong on that. Send your mom some flowers. Delivery tomorrow, or whenever you choose. Lots of arrangements to choose from.
It's not hard to recommend Amazon. I buy most of my books there anyway, and they have good prices on many other things too. But here are some of my favorite books:
Neal Stephenson: Cryptonomicon
Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now
Aldous Huxley: Island
Daniel Quinn: "Ishmael"
Kevin Kelly: "Out of Control"
Buckminster Fuller: "Critical Path"
James P. Carse: "Finite and Infinite Games"
250x250_yellowpages Online dating. Works, actually. I've stopped keeping track of all the people I know who've met each other online.
Banner 10000002button Car parts
Credit card offer from Amazon

If you're in any way inclined towards Multi-Level Marketing, this program is designed by somebody who's integrity I can vouch for. It is free to sign up, as essentially it is just holding one's place for a number of money-making opportunities that are made available along the way. Which of course you'll get more out of if you invite others to join under you in the same fashion. You'll have a network ready, to hit the ground running when you see the right MLM program.
button LinkShare is an affiliate program that lets you selectively put banner ads on your website, and which then pays you commission when people buy something.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

If you have an online business and you aren't yet set up to offer PayPal for payments, check it out. It is a very convenient way for customers to pay, and they have lots of supportive tools, which tend to be easier to deal with than credit card merchant account interfaces.

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